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Synthetic Chocolate
Slowly Melting - Fear Of The Unknown

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Track List 
1  Slowly Melting (hazard mix)    6:22 
2  Fear Of The Unknown (reimagined)    4:46 
3  I Saw The Light (previously unreleased cover)    3:33 
4  Every Moment Without You (with ray ray)    5:21 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 20:04 minutes - 4 tracks

An alternate and much darker remix of 'Slowly Melting' than other remixes, and the double-a-side modern remake of their early hit 'Fear Of The Unknown'. Also includes a Todd Rundgren cover and a very Prince-like track recorded with a friend of the band, Ray Ray Escobedo.

Recording Notes:
Recorded at Flowerpot Studio in Seattle USA and Talamantes Manor in Bakersfield CA

All tracks recorded, produced and performed by Flowers and Talamantes.

• Genre: Electropop
• Release Date: October 2012
• Catalog Number: Polyester 13

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