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Les Bein Valses

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Track List 
1  Shavia De Labiosa (Ab Minor)    2:14 
2  Las Noches Cavernitas (Eb Major)    2:32 
3  El Classico Coca De Cola (Ab Major)    3:56 
4  La Tickle Con Una Bocca (B Major)    2:20 
5  Una Entra Pinque Dos De Stinque (Db Minor)    2:28 
6  Fantasia Lo Duble (Bb Major)    3:32 
7  Dos Buche Quadro Nipoli (C Minor)    2:46 
8  Die Diaz Minuet El Franco (Db Major)    2:43 
9  Uno Valse Prepostre (C Major)    3:40 
10  Francia Sinotria (F Major)    3:14 
11  Exacto Nuendo Fibratio (A Minor)    3:41 
12  Dulche Vulvia (D Minor)    3:55 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 37:07 minutes - 12 tracks

As a pianist, I've always been a huge fan of Chopin. I like everything he wrote, and have always had a particular fondness of the waltzes. I finally decided to write my own series of piano waltzes. This past year has provided plenty of inspiration - I am hoping to be a father someday soon. Hopefully you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them. These pieces are an expression of my own emotions, struggles, and loves - it would be wonderful if they added something to your life in some small way - maybe the background to wonderful dinner, or the headphone soundtrack to a bus ride to work, or the mood-setter for a romantic prelude...

As for the title, I believe the translation is 'The Good Waltzes', but I think it sounds much better in it's native tongue...

Recording Notes:
Recorded at the Flowerpot Studios in Seattle USA

all tracks composed, performed, arranged and engineered by supaflower.

• Genre: Classical Piano
• Release Date: October 2011
• Catalog Number: Opus 69

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