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Drum Mashine 1.0

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Track List 
1  Drum Mashine No 41 (118 bpm - Birthday Beat)    7:14 
2  Drum Mashine No 76 (140 bpm - Cuica Blast)    6:15 
3  Drum Mashine No 50 (112 bpm - Danky Drummer)    4:12 
4  Drum Mashine No 66 (155 bpm - Dark Master)    6:20 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 24:03 minutes - 4 tracks

Album Notes:
Ever since I first fell in love with synthesizers, I had a deep crush on another electronic sound maker - the drum machine.

Spending hours upon hours on these little devices, I always dreamed of making a solo drum machine record. I knew early on what the challenge would be - making a record that was intricate enough to be interesting, but not so complicated that you couldn't move to it. So the end result (many years later) is here - a dance record that is made up only of percussion and effects, with many of the sounds used directly from the vintage drum machines I owned and used.

The earliest drum machine I got my hands on was a toy made by mattel called the synsonic drums. They had four little pads, each with a basic, basic percussive tone. I loved it! It's sounds were simple but pleasing to listen to - the toms were almost like beeps and the snare was just a short burst of static white noise. I used it to make the third track called Drum Mashine No 48. I recently turned on the device one afternoon and recorded a nice loop on it, then split the output into a guitar wah-wah pedal, a guitar distortion pedal, and a whole bunch of random guitar pedals such as phaser, flange, and envelope filter. I recorded it for 15 minutes or so while playing with all of the settings on the filters. The coolest part is definitely the wah-wah being rocked to the beat! Anyway, I edited down the 15 minutes - just keeping the coolest portions. Then I further played with it in the digital domain, but keep in mind that the entire tracks is really just that simple loop made of 4 basic sounds! No additional drum sounds were added.

You may recognize the sounds of Drum Machine No 66 from another track... I started with the basic drum setup from Xymos (found on my EP - Spooky Stories). I began playing with it and this track came to life, almost as a remix of the original track, and yet with so much new instrumention and arrangement that it needed it's own page.

The first and second tracks are originals made specifically for this project using a large variety of drum machines run through lots of dynamic effects and filters. The first track was recorded on the afternoon of my birthday this year, by the way... I always wanted to record a song on my birthday and I finally got the motivation and time to do it!

Anyway, if you're like me and love the sound of a good beat, then this album was created for you! I hope you enjoy it, and maybe you'll get inspired to make some beats yourself...

Recording Notes:
Recorded at Flowerpot Studios in Seattle, USA using a mix of real analog and digital drum machines, along with virtual studio technology and samples.

All tracks written, produced, performed and arranged by Supaflower

• Genre: Beats and Breaks
• Release Date: June 2012
• Catalog Number: Opus 75

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