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Triple Exclaimation

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Track List 
1  Triple Exclaimation    2:07 
2  Kandi Dandi    10:51 
3  Devil's Claw    5:40 
4  We Are And Always Will Be    4:09 
5  Tower Of Flower    5:34 
6  Listening To Laundry    2:44 
7  Gang Squad    5:40 
8  Free Mustache Ride    6:00 
9  Periodically    6:18 
10  Selective Memory    5:58 
11  Two Thousand And Twelve    5:25 
12  Question Marketing    3:37 
13  Bless This Food    6:59 
14  I'll Remember Your Beautiful Smile    6:11 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 77:20 minutes - 14 tracks

Album Notes:
Being a piano player, I decided to open and close this recording with the raw and beautiful sound of the grand piano. Both the opening and closing tracks were compositions I have been playing on my little upright piano for years, but had never considered recording until recently.

The first main dance track ('Kandi Dandi') was a composition that came about over the course of several months. I wanted to make a really progressive dance number that had lots of changes. So I began by recording a series of short loops (usually less than 20 seconds long) - and after months of making these, I stitched them together using a variety of effects and transitions. I made multiple versions of this song using different combinations of the loops - the one presented here was probably my favorite. The opening sample is my wife, Angela (What up, home skillet?).

There are also a few experimental pieces I have chosen to include. 'Listening To Laundry' is made up of hundreds of samples from my actual washing machine, which sits right outside of my basement recording studio. I recorded the sounds of the machine by itself, and then samples of it being struck by sticks and spoons. It has a distinct metallic sound to it that I really enjoyed, kind of reminding me of the street percussionists I often see in downtown Seattle. I was tempted to leave it as a percussive track, but added the synthesizer bass and pad at the last minute.

'Free Mustache Ride' was recorded using mostly acoustic instruments, then sampled and rearranged with software - giving it a modern jazzy feel but with a subtle electronic edge.

'Selective Memory' might sound familiar to you... The reason being that it is actually comprised of samples from my previous records (see if you can tell where they're from).

Although I'm not the greatest guitarist on the planet, I greatly enjoy playing it. There are snippets of my guitar playing throughout the record, but I decided to make it the main event of both 'Two Thousand Twelve' and 'Bless This Food'. 'Two Thousand Twelve' was built around a layered mix of twelve different electric guitars - that's what gives it the ultra full sound, especially towards the end of the track. Talk about power chords! The main loop for 'Bless This Food' was also layered with many guitars and recorded one night at about 3 in the morning when I couldn't sleep...

If I had to pick one keyboard solo to showcase my playing, I think 'Question Marketing' might take the cake. It was recorded after a night of drinking, and ironically, it is my first and only take. I didn't think it was that great at the time, but the next day when I listened to it again, I realized that I might have accidentally created a masterpiece. Or was that just the hangover talking...?

The last track ('I'll Remember Your Beautiful Smile') is in loving memory of souls I've loved and lost and will never forget... Hopefully it is a reminder of someone special for you too.

Over all, I really love this record and am proud to present it to you. It represents a large variety of electronic music genres and a diverse array of recording techniques and situations. But most of all, it represents an interesting and emotional era for me, and I think that some of the unique and beautiful melodies on this album will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Please enjoy it responsibly...

Recording Notes:
Recorded at the flowerpot in Seattle, USA using live acoustic instruments, various authentic analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines, guitar pedals, and anything else I could get my hands on, along with virtual studio technology and digital recording and editing.

All songs written, performed, arranged, mixed and produced by Supaflower

• Genre: DJ Culture
• Release Date: October 2009
• Catalog Number: Opus 60

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