September 2020  •  Seattle USA

Synthetic Chocolate
Emerald City Heartbreak

Inspired by the sounds of Prince and other artists popularized in the 1980s, this is a Synthetic Chocolate modern breakup record that will remind u of life in the eighties. Keep your eyes posted for the original long versions of these tracks...

Synthetic Chocolate
By Popular Demand

A casual afternoon in the studio with Synthetic Chocolate, a piano and a microphone. They play a diverse live set of covers and originals in this collection - recorded randomly one afternoon in Seattle. The critics are calling this a peak into their crea

"Your Heart Belongs To Me"

From the album: Emerald City Heartbreak

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Synthetic Chocolate
Reality Distraction Side A and B

Featuring all new EDM remixes of Synthetic Chocolate's Distracted By Reality.
Liquid Paradox
EDM Release

Dive into the arches of EDM with Liquid Paradox. Featuring the track 'Alpha', with hints of trip hop.

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